How To Make Bulletproof Coffee

Photo: Flickr

Photo: Flickr

Once you go Bulletproof, you’ll never go back to drinking regular coffee.

Just one cup of this delicious, creamy beverage on an empty stomach first thing in the morning will supercharge your brain and turn your body into a fat burning machine.

The first time I had Bulletproof coffee, it felt like a lightbulb had turned on in my mind. I got tons of work done and didn’t feel burned out. Now I can’t have coffee any other way.


How To Become A Miracle Worker

Gabrielle Bernstein and gay life coach Jordan Bach talk about spirituality and miracles

Gabrielle Bernstein is a very busy lighthouse. Wherever she goes, she’s looking for places to shine light. And she never stops. Maybe it’s the former party girl in her.

Watch our video interview below, where I tell Gabby how much she inspires me, not just because she’s a New York Times bestselling author or ”one of the best branded women” according to Forbes, but also because she’s a paragon of “practice what you preach.”

Her message is consistent, yet expanding, and she walks her talk with integrity; her actions are aligned with what she says she believes. Her book Miracles Now is a new favorite because it’s a resource of all of her actionable daily practices & rituals. It stands out from all of the other theory-based personal development books we’re used to reading.

Also, here’s what Gabby has to say off-camera about nightlife, cocaine, getting sober, and cultivating a powerful relationship with herself and the world.


New Moons Are The Best Time To Set Intention


To find out when the next New Moon occurs, click here.

On the day of a New Moon, you should wipe the slate clean and plant new seeds. In astrology, New Moons have everything to do with new beginnings.

In the 48 hours after the exact time of the New Moon (not a minute before), we can harness an energy that gives our goals and dreams extra oomph and staying power, says astrologer Jan Spiller, author of New Moon Astrology: Using New Moon Power Days to Change and Revitalize Your Life.


How To Deal With Toxic Relationships

A lover who treats you like shit. A friend who never has anything nice to say about anyone, including you when you’re not around.

You have a toxic relationship. But why is it toxic? And how do you fix it? Here’s the advice that has worked miracles for me in my own life.


8 Ways To Not Freak Out This Holiday Season

Photo: Messias Schneider

Photo: Messias Schneider

This is a season of lights. And beauty. And warmth.

It’s also a time when people tend to go f*cking bonkers if they’re not prepared for the onslaught of family, food, and shopping.

It’s important that we equip ourselves with the right tools to minimize this attack on our energetic well-being. Life coach Joel Readence has 8 tips for keeping our spiritual and emotional health this holiday season.


A Spiritual Guide To Coming Out


Everybody has a shame story. Maybe it’s an addiction, a serious illness, an abusive relationship, a family secret, a troubled past, or a simple fact about who we are that other people might not like.

What’s true of every shame story is that we go to great lengths to keep it hidden. We tell ourselves that it’s humiliating, and feel that our spirit couldn’t bear the weight of public judgment. All the while, our shame thrives in secrecy. That’s what shame does. It feeds on silence.


HIV+ Spiritual Journey: Wyndham Mead’s Story

The shocking moment in the clinic when he found out. Calling his mother. Finding stability and authenticity. Dating again.

Today for the first time, Wyndham Mead is telling his story to the world. He was diagnosed as HIV-positive on October 19th, 2012. He says the following year would be a “spiritual journey” that challenged him not only to rebuild his health, but also to rebuild who he is as a man.