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  • You Don’t Have To Be Perfect To Be A Spiritual Success

    An intimate conversation with one of my favorite people.

  • How To Give Up The Ghosts Of Who You Used To Be

    I recently let go of some old identities that no longer served me. Here’s how you too can move on from who you used to be.

  • My Secret for Establishing Boundaries

    People don’t like who they’re being when they’re mistreating you. People like who they’re being when they’re respecting you.

  • The Best Relationship Advice I’ve Ever Received

    You don’t need to “fix” yourself to find love.

  • How To Relax For Better Productivity

    It may sound counterintuitive, but by relaxing deeply you unleash your true creative potential.

  • A Tribute To Orlando Victims

    Grief, rage & grace after the Florida massacre.

  • How To Enter A Parallel Universe

    Quantum mechanics and string theory gave us the concept of parallel universes. Here’s a spiritual tool that allows you to enter a brighter, more peaceful parallel universe.

  • I Met My Hero—And Here’s What I Said

    I have three living heroes. When I sat down for dinner with one of them, I tried to express in words what they meant to me.

  • How I Lost 30 Pounds

    Here’s how I lost weight. I hope you’ll do it differently than I did. Or not…

  • A Powerful Secret To Develop Your Intuition

    This powerful trick to boost your intuitive powers is so simple, you can do it right now.

  • A Holocaust Survivor’s “Full Circle Moment” Of Kindness

    Francine Christophe’s act of kindness in a concentration camp was returned decades later in an unexpected way.

  • 5 Ways To Make People Feel Important

    Be somebody who makes everybody feel like a somebody.

  • What I Really Mean When I Say “I’m Gay”

    I feel really good about saying “I’m gay.” Not in spite of my spiritual beliefs, but because of them. Here’s why.

  • How To Become Your Own Best Friend

    Here’s the lightbulb moment that happened when someone confronted me face to face with some hurtful remarks.

  • The One Thing You May Be Doing That’s Sabotaging Your Dreams

    Most people want a more abundant life, but are doing one very common thing that’s sabotaging their dreams.

  • Jordan’s Favorite Things for February 2016

    My favorite things this month in spirituality, beauty, health & wellness.

  • How To Deal With Internet Trolls

    Put yourself online and you’ll get it. Over the past several years since I started an online business, I’ve had my fair share of searing negativity directed at me.

  • Healing The Unloved Child Within You

    Learn how to heal your inner child and give yourself the love you feel you never received.

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