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  • Become A Radically Authentic Person

    I sat down for a really beautiful, totally chill conversation with author & podcaster Katie Dalebout.

  • The Emotional Foundation Of A Happy Life

    Whether you choose to accept this idea will determine your level of fulfillment.

  • Jordan’s December 2015 Favorites

    Jordan’s favorite things in spirituality, beauty, health & wellness.

  • Jordan’s November 2015 Favorites

    Jordan’s favorite things in spirituality, beauty, health & wellness.

  • How To Practice Self-Love & Be Good To Yourself

    Try these 9 powerful ways to increase your sense of worthiness—and you will manifest miracles in your life.

  • The Dream That Changed My Life Forever

    I count this experience as one of the greatest blessings of my life.

  • My favorite things in spirituality, beauty, health & wellness.

    October’s Favorite Things

    Check out favorite things this month in spirituality, beauty, health & wellness.

  • The Forgiveness “Aha Moment” That Set Me Free

    This lightbulb realization from Oprah absolutely floored me and helped me to let go of the pain of my past.

  • How To Start Working Miracles In Your Life Right Now

    Here’s how to become a Miracle Worker and completely transform your life.

  • 10 Things I’ve Learned After 10 Years In New York City

    The 10 most important lessons I’ve learned after living, laughing, crying, and loving in New York City for a decade.

  • My #1 Favorite Summer Energy Trick

    Make sure you’re not missing out on the easy power from this simple energy trick.

  • The Honest Truths About My Breakup

    Falling in love with the man I’d always wanted and healing the grief of needing to let him go.

  • Why I Made The Painful Decision To End My Relationship

    Life-altering decisions. Hard choices. You’ve got thousands of voices inside your head telling you what to do. What’s your heart saying? Here’s how to find out.

  • How I Confronted A Homophobe & Changed His Mind

    I was at a nice restaurant in New York City when I overheard someone use a homophobic term. I knew I had to say something. And I’m glad I did…

  • 2 Powerful Steps To Nail A Job Interview

    Use these simple tricks to become more balanced and open, so that your natural intelligence can flow in any high pressure, high stakes environment.

  • Why “Be Yourself” Isn’t Great Advice

    I used to have severe social anxiety and when people said, “Just be yourself,” I’d always get frustrated because I didn’t know who I was.

  • One Of My Favorite Spiritual Tools To Access Peace

    Learn one of my favorite spiritual tools for getting rid of negative self-talk and returning to peace and calmness.

  • It’s A Good Day To Be Gay

    I’m overwhelmed with emotion about today’s Supreme Court decision to make same sex marriage legal nationwide.

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