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  • How To Make The Most Of Your Break Time

    Here are some tips to help you relax, recharge, and ground yourself while taking a break at work or anywhere you have a moment of free time.

  • Oprah’s Top Insights On Leading A Meaningful Life

    Oprah Winfrey gives a stirring lecture on what it really means to lead a meaningful life.

  • 13 Insanely Powerful Ways To Protect Your Energy

    Have you ever felt drained after being with someone? You probably picked up unwanted energies. Here’s how to cleanse, ground, and protect your energy.

  • Letter To A Friend In Despair

    For those who are suffering.

  • How To Make Happiness Last

    The problem isn’t that we don’t experience happy feelings. We do! The problem is that we allow them to pass through us too quickly.

  • The Surprising Reason Why We’re Judgmental Online

    It’s never been easier to criticize other people online. Here’s why so many people expend so much energy thinking and writing negative comments.

  • How To Get Unstuck

    Six months ago, I was really stuck. I didn’t know what to do or how to move forward. This is exactly how I got unstuck.

  • I Made A Miracle Happen This Morning!

    Sometimes I get stuck in the muck of my stinking thinking. Here’s how I got out of my crazy thoughts and experienced a miraculous turn of events.

  • A Prayer To Manifest Romance

    Here’s a prayer to help you call an important romance into your life.

  • 4 Simple Words That Will Transform A Negative Conversation

    Last week, I couldn’t stop complaining to my friend. He tried to offer solutions, but I kept getting more upset. All I wanted to hear was these four words.

  • Does He Like My Body?

    What scares us most isn’t being seen as ugly. What scares us most is the idea of being truly seen at all.

  • Why I No Longer Whine About Betrayal

    Ultimately I realized that the worst betrayal a person can experience is when they betray themselves.

  • 3 Simple Spiritual Practices To Keep You Grounded

    No matter what’s going on in my life, I do these 3 things every single day so that I can relieve stress and stay connected to myself.

  • A Practical Tool For Dealing With Upsetting Situations

    A practical mental tool called tonglen can help shift your energy from fear and confusion to spaciousness and peace.

  • Your Annoying Qualities May Be Your Keys To Success

    Sometimes the qualities that other people criticize about you are the very qualities that you should cultivate.

  • The Huge Lesson I Learned From My Cheating Boyfriend

    Many years ago, my then-boyfriend slept with someone else. Here’s how it actually helped me grow.

  • How To Stop Negative Thoughts

    What’s the spiritual solution to incessant negative thoughts about ourselves and other people? In this video, I explain how I return my mind to love when I’m spinning out in fear.

  • To Release Your Shame, Tell Your Story

    Last year, Wyndham Mead approached me with the story of his journey from receiving a shocking HIV-positive diagnosis, through finding stability and authenticity again, to the genuinely radiant and hopeful man who he had become.

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