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  • 23 Quotes By Yogi Bhajan That Will Inspire You

    This dude has a knack for saying simple things that pack an insanely powerful punch. Here are his best tweetable spiritual quotes.

  • A Powerful Ritual For Clarity & Guidance

    This is how you clear your space, cultivate sacred energy, and set intentions to manifest your deepest desires.

  • The Wellness Wonderland

    Katie Dalebout invited me on her podcast, Wellness Wonderland Radio, and we covered everything from bedtime rituals to Keeping Up With The Kardashians.

  • Chilling With Charles Chen

    How I found my calling & how you can find yours, too. Also, learn why I always mention Tina Turner in my coming out story.

  • How To Discover Your Life Purpose

    Everybody has a calling. Each of us has been sent here for some particular reason. Here are some tips for finding your life purpose.

  • The Angel Whisperer

    Kyle Gray sees angels & talks to them. No biggie. He tells me how we can harness the help of Heaven to create miracles in our lives. I’m game!

  • How To Use The Law Of Attraction

    An explanation of the Law of Attraction, how to use it, and my own success story in attracting romance. Also, how to avoid a common spiritual pitfall.

  • Hungry For Romance

    Use the Law of Attraction to manifest romance in your life. Also, ask yourself this simple question to accelerate the process.

  • How To Make Bulletproof Coffee

    Just one cup of delicious, creamy Bulletproof coffee first thing in the morning will supercharge your brain & turn your body into a fat burning machine.

  • How To Become A Miracle Worker

    How do we work miracles? Gabrielle Bernstein’s book “Miracles Now” offers daily actionable spiritual practices & rituals that will bring you happiness.

  • How To Use The New Moon To Manifest Abundance

    New Moons are all about new beginnings. On the day of a New Moon, you should wipe the slate clean and plant new seeds.

  • Why Being A Quitter Might Be Your Key To Success

    A life-changing spiritual lesson. This woman said something that made me rethink my dreams for my life.

  • How To Deal With Toxic Relationships

    The simple advice that changes the way people treat you.

  • 8 Ways To Not Freak Out This Holiday Season

    This is a season of lights, beauty, and warmth. It’s also a time when people tend to go bonkers.

  • This spiritual process fixes your gay dating problems

    How To Attract The Man Of Your Dreams

    Want a boyfriend? This 2-step spiritual process really works. My clients have turned their love lives around by doing this. Seriously.

  • A Spiritual Guide To Coming Out

    Come out on your own time and on your own terms. Don’t worry about what the world needs. It is your healing that matters.

  • The Spiritual Journey Of HIV

    Wyndham Mead was diagnosed as HIV-positive in 2012. The following year would be a “spiritual journey” that challenged him to rebuild who he is as a person.

  • “The 8 Lessons HIV Taught Me”

    Can an HIV+ diagnosis become a catalyst for genuine personal growth? Wyndham Mead thinks so.

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