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  • I Made A Mistake On My Cleanse

    A 90-day sugar, alcohol, and gluten cleanse? It hasn’t been perfect. I’ve made mistakes. But everything is amazing.

  • 9 Things To Avoid If You’re Seeking Happiness

    Life coach Joel Readence gives us 9 common roadblocks to watch out for on the path to happiness & fulfillment.

  • How To Overcome Social Anxiety & Self Consciousness

    Useful spiritual tips to combat that uncomfortable feeling of self consciousness.

  • Justin Mikita’s 9 Essentials For A Solid Relationship

    Modern Family’s Jesse Tyler Ferguson is married to the handsome, wise Justin Mikita. Here’s what Justin believes is necessary for a healthy relationship.

  • Gay Dating & Relationships with Robert Ohotto

    Spiritual teacher and intuitive counselor Robert Ohotto takes a stab at some tough questions readers have sent us about gay sex, dating, and relationships.

  • A New Vision of Gay Spirituality

    A super smart conversation about gay spirituality with research scientist, writer, and life coach Gilles Herrada.

  • How To Transform Your Fate Into Your Destiny

    What’s the difference between fate & destiny? This is the best definition I’ve heard.

  • Keoni Hudoba Lost His Shame & Over 150 Pounds

    Want to know how to lose a lot of weight and keep it off? Keoni Hudoba did it, and he can teach you how.

  • Carlos Souza Is Fashion’s Most Charming Man

    Valentino’s Carlos Souza is chic as hell—and one of the nicest guys. He talks about his former marriage to a woman, fatherhood, & staying centered.

  • Zachary Quinto Reveals His Spiritual Side

    Zachary Quinto talks about what fame has taught him, why he decided to come out, and gives some great advice about attracting good people into your life.

  • RuPaul’s Powerful Preaching Moment

    America’s most beloved drag queen preaches about The Wizard of Oz and owning your power. It’s goosebump material!

  • Madonna’s Moving Words to Ellen

    Ellen DeGeneres recounts what happened when Madonna called her out of the blue during the TV star’s public coming out in 1997.

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