“How do I protect my energy from negative people and situations?”

Understandably, this is one the most popular questions people ask me.

Most of us are barraged by some kind of “bad” energy every day, whether it’s from traumatic news stories, mean classmates and coworkers, or just scrolling through our social feed.

Have you ever felt drained after listening to someone’s problems or just by being with them?

Have you ever spent time somewhere a little strange and realized after leaving that you felt inexplicably depressed?

These are signs of picking up unwanted energies.

Fortunately, the same kind of transference happens when we spend time with positive, vibrant people.

Every year I attend an incredible weekend workshop for spiritual teachers, healers, and coaches. The energy in the room is so positive and uplifting that I always walk out stronger, happier, and more vibrant than before.

The face is, you need to cultivate an awareness of the energy you’re encountering on a daily basis and learn practical tools to cleanse, ground, and protect yourself from the energies that are darker, heavier, and more negative.

Watch below for 13 powerful ways to cleanse, ground, and protect your energy:

13 powerful ways to protect your energy

  1. Become aware.

    • By pausing and becoming aware of your surroundings, you are exercising your intuition and building upon your ability to sense how a person, place, or thing affects you. It’s important to have a foundation of heightened awareness in your everyday life so you can navigate emotional minefields and stay sane.
    • Incorporate a daily practice of connecting to the peace within you. A few minutes of inward focus every single day is better than one 30-minute mediation per week. I tell my clients that consistency is better than depth when it comes to building a spiritual practice.
    • One of my favorite centering mantras from A Course In Miracles is, “There is a place in me where there is perfect peace.” Every time my energy is frazzled, I return to this mantra.There is a place in me where there is perfect peace. Click To Tweet
  2. Put up your guard.

    • Yes, I just said, “Put up your guard.”
    • This does not mean closing your heart or shutting yourself off from other human beings. It does mean establishing clear energetic boundaries so that you can move around wherever you please without unwillingly mingling with messy energies that are not your own.
    • Use a piece of clothing (real or imaginary) to remind you of your boundary.
    • Visualize placing a protective cloak around your whole body before you leave the house or enter into an energetically sticky place.
    • I often put on a hat with the intention that it shall protect me from other people’s energy and thought forms, and so it does! Remember: your mind is your magic wand.Your mind is your magic wand. Click To Tweet
  3. Connect with your own rhythm of breathing.

    • When we’re negatively affected by someone else’s energy, we often immediately lose our connection to our own breath. Pull back into your body by simply witnessing the rise and fall of your breath.
    • As you inhale, visualize a soft, loving light filling your body. As you exhale, visualize dark energy leaving your body.
    • Continue until you feel whole, complete, and clear.
  4. “What’s mine is mine. What’s yours is yours.”

  5. Take a cold shower.

  6. Immerse yourself in a salt bath.

    • Grab a big bag of epsom salts and add a cup or two to your bath. Add your favorite essential oils, if you like. Soak until you feel clean and grounded.
    • Salt has a magnetic property that pulls out dark energies.
    • Plus, the transdermal absorption of magnesium from epsom salts does in fact relax your mind and body.
  7. Plug in to nature’s electrical field by earthing yourself.

    • Go outside and place your bare feet on the grass or dirt. This is called earthing.
    • Earthing synchronises our internal biological clocks, hormonal cycles, and physiological rhythms, and fills our body with negatively charged free electrons.
    • I live in a city, so I jump at the chance to do this whenever I can, and I always feel so energized and clear afterwards.
    • The more well-grounded you are, the more protected you are from negative energy.
    • Next time someone’s energy is frazzled, say “Go earth yourself!”The more grounded you are, the more protected you are from negative energy. Click To Tweet
  8. Use smoky quartz crystal.

    • This grounding, anchoring crystal absorbs negative energy and grounds it back down into the earth. I often place a smoky quartz crystal between my coaching clients and me to serve as a sort of psychic shield. To be an effective helper or healer, it’s important to stay grounded in your own experience.
  9. Place your hands in the Kashyapa Mudra.

    How to use kashyapa mudra to protect your energy.

    • Kashyapa Mudra symbolizes the union of masculine and feminine. It creates a seal against negative energies while balancing and grounding. Hold this mudra when you find yourself amongst people with troubling energy. You can use it when visiting places that may be holding dark memories.
    • Make a fist and keep the tip of thumb between the pad of middle and ring finger as indicated. Sit comfortably with palms facing upwards. Breathe deeply and relax your torso.  You can do this mudra when needed for 5 to 15 minutes.
    • Say a silent affirmation while you hold this mudra: “I am protected and safe.”I am protected and safe. Click To Tweet
  10. Activate your sacred space.

    • Your sacred space isn’t just your living room or office, it’s also the subtle energy field surrounding your body. In other words, you are your own sacred space. You can’t treat the space around you like shit and expect it to elevate you.
    • By activating the space around you with loving intention and respect, it will love and respect you back.
    • Regularly smudge, perform a clearing ritual, light candles, take purifying baths and showers, play uplifting music, and nurture your body and space with attention. Use your space for loving purposes. Don’t sit around talking trash or complaining all day and still expect to attract positive experiences into your life.
  11. Invite Archangel Michael.

    how to protect myself from negative energy

    • Archangel Michael is a fiercely powerful spirit entity that will come into your life whenever you invite him in. All you need to say is, “Archangel Michael, protect me now.”
    • You can ask him to use his sword of light to cut any negative cords between you and any other person, place, or thing that may be draining your energy.Archangel Michael, protect me now. Click To Tweet
  12. “I now release anything that does not serve me.”

    • After an encounter that has left you feeling icky, close your eyes and say, “I now release anything that does not serve me.” This powerful intention will have an effect on your subtle energy body.
    • Visualize any extra dark, heavy, unfriendly energies leaving your body and say goodbye to them.I now release anything that does not serve me. Click To Tweet
  13. Love is the most powerful protection.

    • While you’re using these tools, make sure to stay positive and to keep an open heart. Don’t let frustration, anger, or disgust set in when you are confronted with negative energy.
    • Only light can’t expunge darkness, so turn on the light!
    • Set an intention to spread love by repeating to yourself, “I am a noble representative of love wherever I go.”
    • Visualize sending soothing pink light into any situations and people who are stuck or negative.I am a noble representative of love. Click To Tweet

An important reminder

There are no accidents. We attract experiences into our lives based on the energy we put out into the world. If you feel that you’re attracting too many negative experiences, it’s a good time to take a step back, evaluate how you’re managing your own energy, and set new intentions.

If this is the case for you, commit to sending out a positive imprint on your environment, rather than waiting to receive a positive imprint from your environment.

If you’re still struggling, consider working with a life coach or therapist to help you strategize a new way of living, working, and thinking.



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