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Hey, I’m Jordan Bach.

I’m kinda stoked (read: very glad) that you found your way to my little home on the internet. Here, you’ll find tons of helpful videos, inspiring ideas, and my favorite recommendations.

Sometimes I share my own personal “aha moments” (e.g., how I lost 30 pounds or how to practice self-love). Sometimes I share my latest favorite things in beauty, wellness, or spirituality.

Oh — and let’s get this out of the way: I’m not perfect and (pardon the assumption) neither are you. We are human, and I’ve learned it’s our humanness that heals, not our perfection.

That’s what I hope to bring you across all of my content: a sense that your life can be beautiful and meaningful, not in spite of your imperfections or struggles, but because of them.

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Official Bio

Jordan Bach is a life coach, motivational speaker, blogger, and certified yoga & meditation teacher. He has been recognized as one of the most influential teachers on the contemporary spiritual scene. His down-to-earth messages reach a whole new generation of people seeking wisdom and inner peace.

The Advocate Magazine ranked Jordan as one of the “40 Most Accomplished Leaders Under 40,” calling him “one of the few you should listen to among our modern-day cacophony of voices.”

Jordan cohosted the television series Secret Guide to Fabulous (produced by Kelly Ripa) on which he appeared regularly as a life coach.

Through his popular blog and social media posts, Jordan brings hope and healing to hundreds of thousands of people around the world. He teaches universal spiritual principles that are not based in religion or dogma.

One of the main tenets of his teaching is the power of self-acceptance. He says, “When you bring forward who you really are, you begin to heal your life.”

Jordan has been openly gay since the age of twelve. He is a GLAAD Media Partner, consults with major corporations on LGBTQ+ brand initiatives, and served as Co-Chair for the Brooklyn Community Pride Center’s 2017 Leadership Awards, raising over $100,000 for at-risk LGBTQ+ people.

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