When I sat down with Nikki Bostwick from the super fresh blog The Fullest, we quickly got to talking about some fascinating topics, like:

  • The “intimacy paradox” of The Age of Aquarius
  • How to know when you’re self-sabotaging
  • The spiritual lesson of addiction
  • How to read A Course In Miracles
  • The comforting “voice” of God I heard as a little boy
  • Also, how I came out of the spiritual closet

Watch here:

Oh, and take a look at this beautifully concise video on addiction.

My hope is that you begin to dream for your life a bigger dream that includes clarity, courage, abundance, and joy.



PS: Here’s the spiritual tool I mention that I created in the wake of my difficult breakup: Bedtime Mantras – proof positive that from darkness can come Light.

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