There’s a huge difference between fate and destiny.

Sometimes you hear these words used interchangeably, but they don’t mean the same thing. In fact, when you understand the difference, you’re going to have a totally new understanding of your history. Your vision for the future will likely shift, too.

In this video, I’ll tell you how to take the fated circumstances of your life and transform them into the bright destiny you were born to live.

I’ve wanted to record this for a long time!

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The Definition of Fate

Put simply, your fate (or fates) are the circumstances of your life that your soul chose before you incarnated (like your parents, physical location, race, religion, et cetera). Your fates serve as a container for your soul’s growth. They are not meant to make life awful for you. They are meant to advance you down your soul’s learning path.

The Definition of Destiny

Your destiny is a vision for your life that your soul saw was possible before you even came to the planet. Some of the most difficult moments in your life thus far are not mistakes. They are fated moments that your soul agreed to long ago, in hopes they would lead you toward your destiny.

Destiny is the ultimate purpose of your life. Your destiny is what naturally unfolds when you use your fates to guide you—rather than allowing your fates to embitter, harden or stall you.

More Resources

My friend Robert Ohotto, a world-renowned spiritual teacher and intuitive counselor, is the author of the groundbreaking bestseller Transforming Fate into Destiny, which guides you to a higher understanding of your fate(s) and your destiny.

Here’s what Robert says in the book…

While we’re in the dark night of the ego, we’re each greeted by two competing voices: that of Fate (ego) and that of Destiny (soul). The former speaks through your fears, your past, your wounds, and the collective ‘they’ that you worry about when you make decisions. The latter communicates through your intuition, dreams, synchronicity, Divine intervention, and the regrets that tug at your soul. Both continually compete to guide the choices you make during this vital time.

Truly, Transforming Fate into Destiny is one of my favorite books and I urge you to give it a read. (He also writes about “surrendered prayer” in the book—it’s very, very good.)

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