I feel really, really good about saying “I’m gay.” Not in spite of my spiritual beliefs, but because of them.

Let me tell you exactly why I believe God loves LGBT people:

In my life coaching practice, some of my clients struggle to reconcile their sex, sexual orientation, and gender identity with their spiritual and religious beliefs.

Sometimes a very compassionate parent who is religious and loves their LGBT child will reach out to me and ask:

“How can I love my gay child when homosexuality is a sin?”

I don’t shake my head or get impatient with them. Why would I? It’s impressive that they have the courage to be so open and vulnerable with me.

What these parents are seeking is genuine reconciliation: between themselves and their children, between who they love and what they believe, and between what they were taught and what they are now learning.

I believe in my heart of hearts that LGBT people are a gift from God.

I hope this message somehow creates a ripple effect of miracles in your life and in the lives of the people you touch with your courage, your kindness, and your happiness.

With love,



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