I discovered the perfect bedtime ritual.

After a horrible breakup years ago, I began a nightly ritual of surrendered prayer before bed. It gave me a sense of comfort so deep that it’s hard to describe it.

After I said a prayer to myself (and to the Universe), I’d turn on scientifically-proven brainwave entrainment music that helped me to fall asleep and stay asleep.

With this Bedtime Mantras guided meditation album, I’ve combined prayers (written and spoken by me) with soothing brainwave entrainment music to create a powerful spiritual tool that will comfort you in the evenings and elevate your entire life.

All the bells & whistles.

Daily Mantras

7 guided prayers specially crafted for each day of the week to soothe your mind and elevate your thoughts.

Energetically Aligned

Each daily prayer, written and spoken by Jordan, matches the specific planetary energy of that day.

Guided Meditation

Plus, 2 guided mediation tracks that will relax and ground your body before you tune into the daily mantra.

Brainwave Entrainment

This entire album is set to soothing music that induces Delta brainwaves, causing profound relaxation and the deepest level of sleep.

Fall Asleep Listening

Each guided prayer or meditation is followed by an hour of sleep-inducing brainwave entrainment music.

Bedtime Ritual

Bedtime Mantras are a perfect starting point if you want to create a meaningful bedtime ritual that enhances your life.

Listen to a sample

Energetically aligned.

Each day of the week has specific planetary influences. You can harness this energy by listening carefully and attuning your mind to each daily mantra.

Monday & the Moon
This mantra nurtures and soothes you.

Tuesday & Mars
This mantra gives you strength & conviction.

Wednesday & Mercury
This mantra allows your life purpose to unfold.

Thursday & Jupiter
This mantra manifests blessings & abundance.

Friday & Venus
This mantra heals your relationships & helps you forgive.

Saturday & Saturn
This mantra gives you faith & endurance.

Sunday & the Sun
This mantra allows you to make peace with yourself.

Fall asleep tonight in a whole new way.

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