They’re called trolls: ruthlessly cruel commenters whose only apparent motive is to cause suffering.

I was going to start this blog by running off a list of the most terrible things strangers have said to me since I started my online business back in 2009, but then I realized this would only serve to feed them—the trolls.

By acknowledging and elevating their hurtful words in this public space, it might give them the impression that the way they go about seeking attention is effective and that they should keep doing it.

That’s the thing about online trolls: they are desperate to be heard.

But let us not forget, so are we; each of us wants to be heard, and I don’t mean just merely listened to. Every human being wants to feel that what we have to say truly matters.

Like the rest of us, mean-spirited commenters really just want to feel that they matter, that their opinions matter, and that they are significant.

That said, some of us really struggle with feeling significant and that’s one of the reasons we tend to attack people who we fear are perceived by others as more significant than us.

Since I started an online business several years ago, I’ve read so many truly hateful, cruel comments about me that it makes my head spin.

Or at least it used to until I learned what was really happening:

To know, as A Course In Miracles says, that “all minds are joined” changes everything, which is particularly cool when you apply this idea to modern technology and social media.

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No matter how many followers you have, you’ve probably experienced at least one or two comments (either from family, friends, or strangers) that made you think, “Whoa, what’s your problem?”

I hope this video helps to shift your thinking from fear to love. And what I really mean by that is this: I hope you can begin to take responsibility for the times when you feel hurt by words, not because it’s your fault, but because there is so much to be learned from our vulnerable places.

Whoever you are reading this right now, I want you to know this: if you have chosen to be a representative of love and truth and justice and compassion in the world, online or offline, you have a legion of angels surrounding you. I stand with them.

Know that you have my support, always and forever.

With love,



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