“How do I tune into my intuition?”

This is a question I get all the time. Many of you want to know how to develop a stronger intuition so that you can “hear” more clearly the important messages that life is giving us, because the Cosmos always provides subtle energetic guidance through our emotions.

The problem is that we’re often too blocked to sense these subtle cues; our minds are cluttered with fear and anxiety, and our bodies are tensed up. Our entire mind/body/spirit system is log jammed, so important intuitive information can’t get through.

Watch this video to how to develop a powerful intuition:

The secret for a powerful intuition

You don’t have to spend lots of money attending special workshops to develop your intuition, even though these programs can be helpful for some people.

It’s as easy as learning how to breathe properly.

Yes, your psychic powers are as close as your breath.

How to breathe properly

It makes me shake my head that I’ve been teaching spiritual principles and coaching people for years, and I didn’t know how to breathe properly until recently.

I used to think that deep breathing meant taking a big gulp of air and puffing up my chest. That’s what most people do.

When you take a proper deep breath, your belly should expand as you inhale and fall as you exhale.

Helpful tip: Place your hand on your belly if you’re sitting or standing, or place a book on your belly if you’re lying down. Match the rise and fall of your belly with your breath.

When you become conscious of your belly expanding as you inhale deeply, you allow more life-giving oxygen to fill your lungs, and you allow tension to leave your physical body as you exhale.

Why breathing increases your intuitive powers

There’s a saying I’ve always believed:

You can't breathe deeply and worry at the same time. Click To Tweet

By bringing your awareness to the quality of your breath, your worries begin to fall away naturally of their own weight and you become conscious of the areas in your physical body where you are holding tension, which allows you to visualize the tension dissolving as you exhale.

This beautiful process of proper, natural deep breathing brings about a state of neutral mind.

In a state of neutral mind, you aren’t paying attention to your worries of the past or anxieties about the future, but instead you’re fully in the present moment. You will feel your feelings about the present moment more clearly in your body.

The sensation you feel in your body about the present moment (whether you’re in a meeting, talking to your significant other, or making a big decision) is the exact intuitive guidance that you’re looking for, because intuition is just another term for subtle emotional guidance.

How to apply this secret to your life

You must check in with your breath frequently.

Once a day? Once a week? Nope.

Check in with the quality and depth of your breath several times a day to maximize your intuitive powers.

Helpful tip: Set an alarm on your smartphone to remind you to take three deep breaths every hour. When the alarm goes off, close your eyes and take three long, slow, steady deep breaths, making sure your belly expands as you inhale, and your belly falls as you exhale tension from your body.

Just three proper deep breaths every hour can totally transform your life, because you’ll be “tuning out” the noise of fear and tuning in to the subtle emotional guidance of your body.

Just three deep breaths every hour can totally transform your life. Click To Tweet

Your homework assignment

Note the following:

  1. In your relaxed state, what feelings arise in your body?
  2. What are these feelings telling you about this very moment?
  3. At what times and in which situations do you need to remember to connect with your breath?

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For more guidance, here’s another blog on how to use your intuition to make difficult decisions.

I hope these simple yet effective tools serve you on your path.

Sending you love wherever you are in the world,