Many people are telling me they know for sure 2018 is going to an amazing year for them.

You want to make big changes. You want to live a bigger life. Dream bigger. Take powerful action. Achieve your goals.

To be honest, I feel the exact same way.

At certain year’s ends, I’ve felt called to practice deeper acceptance rather than strive for more.

But this year, I’m feeling a strong forward-moving energy calling me to GO FOR IT. I’m motivated to make next year bigger and better than this one. Right now, I’ve got a healthy, natural drive to *go big.*

It’s going to take a lot of energy, but I know the time is right.

Do you feel a stronger natural calling to strive for greater things — or rather to relax and practice more contentment?

No matter your plans for next year, one thing is almost universally true for all of us: we want to move forward toward the life that we know we were born to live.

I want to share something that has helped me.

It might take you only 10 minutes — but I guarantee it will move you forward in a big way.

My Year-End Inventory Worksheet will help you to clarify what’s working and what’s not working in your life, so that you can make a conscious choice to focus on what helps you — and stop doing what doesn’t help you.

Here’s what to do…

Download this free worksheet and fill it out on your smartphone or computer. (Or you can print it and fill it out in your own handwriting, which is great.)

Once you fill out my worksheet, it’s going to be something you do every single year because it’s so simple yet so powerful.

My Own Personal Discoveries

Here’s a look into some of what I discovered when I filled out the worksheet.

What Didn’t Work — At All

Too many carbs. Instantly gain fat. Severe brain fog that impairs my ability to produce meaningful work on a consistent basis. Ignites addictions thanks to blood sugar imbalance. When I lower (not eliminate) my carb intake, life gets better for me.

Avoiding things. Difficult conversations that need to happen, massive bills, health problems. They don’t go away when you ignore them. In fact, they tend to get much worse. Resentment festers in relationships. You get charged interest on unpaid balances. Your symptoms get worse. I’ve learned that it’s actually much easier to confront these issues head-on and deal with a little bit of discomfort, than to ignore them and have them thrust upon you later down the road, which sends you into a panic. Just do it!

Not trusting my instincts. Big one. Huge. This year, every single time I hesitated and thought, “Eh, I don’t really want to do this” and then went and did it, I regretted it. Every. Single. Time. It’s as if the Universe was shouting, “Stop doing things you don’t want to do, Jordan!” So, I’m recommitting myself to owning my “no” by turning down opportunities and invitations I don’t feel excited about. Even if it means losing out on a lot of money. Because money in the bank is useless if you’re miserable and ungrateful.

What Did Work — Very Well

Breaking a sweat in the morning. After years of trying many different exercise classes and programs, I was honestly just overwhelmed and exhausted about what kind of exercise I should be doing. So I just followed my joy… and discovered that I love listening to dance music and bopping around on the treadmill or elliptical. It brings me joy, makes me sweat, and if I exercise in the morning, I feel calmer and more inspired, and so I’m more productive at work. Once I’m sweaty, sometimes I’ll lift heavy weights or do a more intense workout afterward, but if I’ve broken a really good sweat, I consider it an achievement. This was such an a-ha moment for me to realize: that exercise can be whatever you want it to be, as long as it gets your body revved up and moving.

Cutting out gluten, dairy, sugar and alcohol. My friend invited me on a beautiful trip to the Caribbean in the beginning of the year. We would leave in 6 weeks. My excitement was stiffened by one problem: I felt totally out-of-shape. I immediately cut out gluten, dairy, sugar and alcohol. Within two weeks, I had lost weight, I felt more energetic and much happier. So I decided to continue for 6 weeks. It was amazing! When you cut everything out cold turkey, it’s much easier. I haven’t continued 100% — but now I’m aware that these things ultimately make me feel awful, so I’m in greater control of my life because I know what foods to avoid if I want to feel my best.

Sharing content from the heart. Every single time I post something only because I feel like I should, it backfires. On the other hand, every single time I post something that I feel is truly helpful (even if it might seem out-of-the-blue to my audience) miracles happen. So I’m learning to post what’s on my heart and trust that it’s exactly what people need to hear.

Write more words. Most internet marketing experts tell you to keep your content short and sweet, but my audience loves my longer content. You guys read my super long Instagram captions. You watch my 15-minute long videos the whole way through. (I can see the analytics!) 🙂 So rather than trying to condense something that shouldn’t (or can’t) be condensed (spiritual thought) — I’m going to embrace a longer, more in-depth format.

Getting rid of clutter. Like millions of other people, I read the bestselling book The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up. Long story short: I got rid of basically everything that I don’t need or love. No more clothes in my closet that evoke mild annoyance because they don’t fit right. No more books I have no intention of reading. No more useless stuff laying around. Just space to breathe and think and get inspired.

Breathing meditations. Oh. My. God. I knew breathing was the key the relaxation, but as I practice it more regularly and seriously, my life has literally changed. Breath is literally THE KEY to ignite your body’s “relaxation response,” which brings you into a state of true calm and creativity. If you want me to create a breathing meditation series for you, click here to let me know!

You’re going to feel so empowered after doing your own inventory. I hope it serves you.

I’m wishing you lots of love and many blessings in the New Year.