When you’re stuck, you literally have no idea what to do. Or worse, you have so many ideas that you can’t figure out which direction to take. You’re going nowhere fast.

I was there about six months ago, and many of you are telling me you’re in the same place today, so I’ve been living and learning about getting unstuck and moving forward. And as I learn, I teach.

I called my “Spirit Mama,” the professional intuitive Dr. Deb Kern, and said, “What do I do? I’m stuck!”

In her soothing voice (Deb just oozes compassionate wisdom) she said, “Just move around the energy.”


After she explained what the concept of “moving energy” meant, and I dutifully applied it to my life.

It worked.

What can you do right now to “move energy around” in the stagnant areas of your life? What are the little things you can do to stretch out of your comfort zone and move you forward?

Keep on keepin’ on,



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