young jordan bach child

That’s me as a little boy.

When I found this photo this afternoon as I was rifling through old boxes, I started to cry. A flood of emotion ran through me as I remembered just how afraid I was as a child.

I wasn’t fearful per se, but I had a loneliness and a deep melancholy, neither of which ever seemed to abate, and it confused me. Other people around me seemed happier and never as serious as me. It was as if I was an alien in an unfamiliar world

Thinking of myself as different, weird, and alone made me feel homesick. For what place I was homesick, I wasn’t sure.

I carried this lingering melancholy with me throughout my adolescence and adulthood.

One night a couple years ago, I had a dream that changed everything.

When I woke up the next morning, it felt as if I had dropped a large part of the heavy psychic weight I’d been carrying since childhood.

In my case, I was thrust into a vivid dream (read: alternate reality) where I was able to offer love my inner child, but not each of us needs this experience to start loving the little person that still lives inside us.

By practicing the exercise I talk about in the video above, healing can begin and you can start to feel lighter and freer.

  • What wounds from your childhood are holding you back today?
  • How can you heal the past by extending love to your inner child in the present?

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