I went to see Cinderella at the movies and I absolutely loved it.

While I was sitting in my seat watching Cate Blanchett play the ultimate glamorous evil stepmother (the hair, makeup, and costumes are incredible!) I had a pleasant flashback to a happy memory from high school.

I forget what the memory was exactly or what prompted it, but I found myself smiling about it as good feelings rushed through my body.

I decided right then that I wanted that small bit of happiness to last longer.

That day in the movie theater, I made a conscious decision that increased my happiness and allowed it to linger.

Each of us can do this all day, every day: consciously summon the attitude and mood we want.

Here’s to your conscious creation of the life of your dreams,





PS: There are many bloopers in this video, but I decided to keep them there for the sake of authenticity!