My grandmother was right: there will never come a time when the work is done.

If one of my friends wants to hang out and asks me when I’ll be “done with work,” I always find myself trying to explain that it’s not a matter of when the work is “done” but rather when I’m willing to take a break from it.

So, I’m a big fan of helpful productivity tips and tricks. There’s nothing better than discovering a new product, service, or way of doing things that makes life flow more easily.

That’s what I’m learning life is all about: flow.

Flow is easier to describe than it is to define. A state of flow feels like ease to me. Note I said, “ease,” not “easy.” There’s a big difference.

Ease means that even if a project stretches me out of my comfort zone and requires some challenging work, there’s an element of graceful unfolding that’s happening. I may be working hard, but I’m not struggling. I’m not grinding my wheels and burning out.

When we’re in flow, our to-do list is easier to hammer out. Answers and creative solutions enter our minds more freely. Work isn’t a struggle.

Here’s the big problem…

Our increasingly desperate need to get things done completely blocks us from experiencing a state of flow.

When we try to do more, be more, and grasp for more, we burn out. And the thing about burning out and productivity is this: they don’t mix. We can’t be at our productive or creative best if we’re burned out.

When we relax deeply, we blossom into our full potential, like a bud blossoming into a flower. Relaxation allows the best in us to flow forward.

There are many ways to relax. You don’t need a two-week long vacation. You can relax deeply anytime and anywhere, and people who practice relaxation regularly are the kind of people that always seem, well, relaxed.

My free guided meditation will bring you into a calmer, more peaceful, more beautiful state of mind. Enjoy!

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