We’re tired of the relationships that work well for one moment, and then fall apart. We’re tired of chasing after people who treat us like shit. We’re tired of being unsure of what to do about all the crappy relationships we’re in!

You will discover the perfect romance, if that is truly what you want.

When you truly want something, the universe instantly hears your request. The perfect romance is already on its way. In other words, the universe is doing its job. Now it’s time to do yours.

Your job is getting ready for the miracle of a perfect romance.

Here’s an old (poorly edited, I know) video in which I tell you how to get ready for romance:

3 steps to prepare for romance

  1. Clear your eyes so that you can perceive the romance when it begins to show itself.
  2. Soften your heart so that you can bring your most authentic self to the table, and feel comfortable receiving the love you have asked for.
  3. Create space in your life for a new relationship.

If you knew a very important relationship was coming to you in three months time, how would you begin to prepare right this moment?

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I hope this serves you,