I had a dream in 2009 that changed the course of my life.

In it, I found myself on a long body of lush green land surrounded by water. Thousands of people sprawled over the island, panicking. There was screaming and crying, and some men were fighting like barbarians. The deafening hysteria spoke of something truly horrifying about to happen.

Suddenly, a great swell of peace washed over me, so complete and warm and alive that I felt as if I’d simply unlinked from the world of chaos and become one with another far more real world, where the feeling of peace wasn’t just a romantic concept, but an ultimate reality. I learned in an instant—or rather it seemed that I had remembered—who it is we are and what it is we were sent here to do.

The indescribable feeling of love and of a deep knowing that everything would be all right, was so incredibly liberating that I couldn’t help but share it. As I received this energy from a force I understood to be God, it automatically became my duty to give it to the terrified people of the island. Their panic burned away like mist before the sun as I calmly reminded them of their own peace, which I realized isn’t merely a transient peak experience, but rather the truth of who we really are.

In teaching peace that day on the island, its truth and power became stronger both for me and for the people to whom it was taught. Whichever vision we held in our minds—peace or fear—was a promise of what would at last be unveiled. Paradise was to be made manifest through teachers of peace, and I had been appointed to bring good news.

The next morning, I woke up knowing I hadn’t had an ordinary dream. The feeling of warmth had been too all-consuming, the message too clear and impactful. It was as if every bit of my being had been sucked into the supreme reality of a heavenly world and then promptly and without fuss regurgitated back into my body, now lying in bed in New York City.

I still felt the buzz of the certainty of God and of love, and had tremendous gratitude that He had “allowed me to go up to the mountain” and look over, revealing a glimpse of the Promised Land, and a way I could help get us there: by teaching peace.

“The only way to have peace is to teach peace. It awakens in your mind through the conviction of teaching it. Everything you teach you are learning. Teach only love, and learn that love is yours and you are love.” — A Course In Miracles